Pixlr - Photo Collages, Effect App Reviews

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Super Foto App

Great app! Only thing missing is a COMIC FILTER

Great for YouTube

I used this for my YouTube art!

Although a lot of ads pop up, its still great.

So many options

I love this app, there is so many different things you can do with your photos to make them unique


Dont you open up that window ... DUNT U LET OUT THAT ANTIODOTE

I cant re-download it for some reason, this sucks because I used this app regularly and deleted it because I needed to make room on my phone and now it just wont load


Been using this app forever now and not going to lie I preferred it before the update but it still works fine for me

Not like webpage

The online webpage version is great. Thats like a free photoshop with some limitations. Though the app is nothing like that. Its good for adding effects for the overall picture but you cant do much beyond that.


I think this is the best app Ive ever used

Its a shame for Autodesk

A lot of useless function inside..its impossible to use doodle thing. It needs a huge update. A new UI and a well UX..otherwise it is just a garbage. There are better apps.


Top !

Awesome, could use a couple of improvements

Best photo editing app Ive used so far, my only disappointment is that when you save a photo that you have edited, you cant choose to keep the same date and location as the original picture (unlike aviary)

O Melhor - The Best

O Melhor - The Best

Simple and intuitive

The best app so far for photo editing... Im just sad that theres no more support for horizontal screen...

Muito bom !!!

Melhor app ❤️


give us the old version of this app back! this is very very bad! im frustrated about that.


It wont let me do anything...when I choose a pic to edit, it glitches up and just goes to home screen...PLEASE FIXXX


I updated and cant do a thing, it crashes, its a failure! I was completely satisfied with Pixlr Express and now I cant do ANYTHING! Why?


I hate it.. I dont know what it is, but when I open the app, it closes. What a HUGE waste of time!!!

Could be better...

This app was seriously the best for editing photos. Every since the recent updates, it doesnt work. It crashes and I cant even choose the picture I would like to edit. There is something wrong with this app. Please fix it, it was so good before!

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